Signs of a Healthy Family

Healthy families:

  • Are truthful – Don’t let  secrets &  denial get started, being truthful teaches truth & trust
  • Love each other with unconditional love: Don’t make them earn it, Relate, don’t manipulate.
  • Have flexible and adjustable rules meant to protect. They don’t exist for their own sake.
  • Have appropriate boundaries (like knocking on each other’s doors).
  • Allow each other to make mistakes.   Kids are forgiving when they learn forgiveness from you.
  • Allow for expression of feelings: Own your own feelings; Let children tell you when they are angry at you, but don’t let them set the tone for the family.
  • Have consistent discipline: .Discipline is out of love not anger or to make you look good,.
  • Encourage one another in each other’s uniqueness. (What is each one’s giftedness)
  • Resolve conflicts – they don’t let the souls of the heart lay open.
  • Have a sense of humor, laugh and play together & establish meaningful symbols in the family.  They create happy and loving memories.
  • Pray together, and above all, respect and love each other.